Tatry on the Polish-Slovak border “Poland has mountains?” This reaction that I got from several people to some of my recent photos inspired this post. Poland is certainly not the flat and uniform country some imagine and here I want to show you some of the magic and legend that are so central to Polish... Continue Reading →

Blok by blok

12 million people in Poland live in apartment blocks, mostly built during the communist period of PRL (Polish People’s Republic). How did this come to be, and what is life like for these people? An apartment in Chrzanow I want to dispel myths about Poland as a grey and characterless country. In this blog you... Continue Reading →

Death of a Slavic goddess

I notice the seasons here much more than other places I’ve lived in Europe. The weather varies much more between seasons than I’m used to - cold, snowy winters and hot, bright summers. Also, there are many events connected with seasons, the associated foods and their coming and going. The end of winter is no... Continue Reading →

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